Mobile and Embedded Open Source Strategy, Marketing and PR
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Strategic Advantage

Open Source and Linux offer myriad opportunities for new businesses and for re-invention of existing ones. The dynamics of this community-based marketplace also bring new challenges and demand new ways of thinking about commerce and technology.

We help clients meet the challenges in this rapidly-evolving space by focusing over two decades of real-world, global-market experience and expertise in Open Source, Open Systems and embedded applications. Experience that includes helping to found a leading Linux platform supplier and pioneering markets for embedded Linux and open source in mobile telephony.

A range of companies in both enterprise and embedded applications areas have turned to LP for advice, training and creative deliverables, including:

Best Practices and Training
  • Successful Business Models
  • Licensing and Project Structure
  • Open Source community relations
  • Marketing and Selling Open Source Software
Strategy and Positioning
    Market and Competitive Research
    and Analysis
  • Company Positioning and Core Messaging
  • Regional Market/Channel Strategy
    (Latin America, Europe, Asia)
Tech Savvy Outreach
  • Articles and White Papers
  • Collateral and On-line Content (Presentations, Data Sheets)
  • Press and Analyst Relations Programs
  • Newd Releases and Launch Materials
  • Seminars, Panels and Conference Tracks

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