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    Bill is quite simply one of the smartest people that I or probably you will ever meet. His years embedded in the embedded space have earned him worldwide recognition as one of the key people shaping how a wide arrary of products are developed. Bill is equally at ease delievering a keynote or managing a website.

    Carl Johnson, Lumenous

Bill Weinberg - Principal Analyst and Consultant

Bill brings two decades of open source, embedded and open systems, telecommunications, and other technology experience to his role as Principal Analyst and Consultant at LP. Bill also works with the Olliance Group as Senior Executive and Mobile Practice Manager. He also serves as advisor and mobile chair at several conferences, including the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit and IDG Open Source World.

Bill's career has included work with key industry standards consortia, serving as General Manager of the Linux Phone Standards Forum (LiPS), and as Senior Analyst and Initiative Manager at Open Source Development Labs (OSDL), where he ran OSDL Mobile Linux and Carrier Grade programs. Prior to OSDL, Bill was a founding team-member at MontaVista Software, helping to pioneer and establish Linux as the leading platform for intelligent devices. In his extensive and varied career, Bill also worked at Lynx Real-Time Systems, Acer Computer Brazil, and Microtec Research.

Bill is well known for his writing and speaking on topics ranging from global adoption of Linux to embedded/real-time computing, from application migration to licensing and standardization, and from telecom infrastructure to mobile applications. Bill is a prolific contributor to print and on-line journals including LinuxUser, Search Enterprise Linux and RTC Magazine, and is a frequent speaker and panelist at events like LinuxWorld, Informa Open Source in Mobile and RTECC.

Patricia Colby, Media Relations and Social Media Practice Partner

Trish Colby's background incorporates more than 15 + years experience in high tech public relations. She has worked with multiple business-to-business and business-to-consumer high technology firms, including many in the enterprise software, open source, embedded and mobile communications arenas.

In addition to smaller start-ups, Trish worked for three years with MontaVista Software, the company that developed the first Linux operating system for mobile devices, and with Alfresco Software, a British-based open source content management firm. Other past clients served software developer communities, including Coverity, a provider of static code analysis tools, and CodeGear, a development tools company that was formerly part of Borland Software Corporation.

Trish has extensive experience developing and implementing strategic, long-range communications plans, featuring intensive media and industry analyst contact. She also has four years experience creating and working social media outreach programs.