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Your Strategic Advantage from Linux Pundit

Open Source and Linux offer myriad opportunities for new businesses and for re-invention of existing ones. The dynamics of this community-based marketplace also bring new challenges and demand new ways of thinking about commerce and technology.

Linux Pundit helps clients meet the challenges in this rapidly-evolving space by focusing over two decades of real-world, global-market experience and expertise in Open Source, Open Systems and embedded applications. Experience that includes helping to found a leading Linux platform supplier and pioneering markets for embedded Linux and open source in mobile telephony.

In the last three years, companies in both enterprise and embedded applications areas have turned to Linux Pundit for advice, training and creative deliverables, including:

    Best Practices and Training
  • Successful Business Models
  • Licensing and Project Structure Fine-tuning
  • Open Source community relations
  • Marketing and Selling Open Source Software
  • Market and Competitive Research and Analysis
  • Company Positioning and Core Messaging
  • Regional Market/Channel Strategy
    (Latin America, Europe, Asia)
Creative - Outbound Marketing
  • Articles and White Papers
  • Collateral and On-line Content (Presentations, Data Sheets)
  • PR and Launch Materials
  • Seminars, Panels and Conference Tracks

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